Eco Cleaning Products

Eco Cleaning Products are getting easier to find.  Great news for the environmentally conscious and those who would just like to get the housework done without being exposed to a myriad of unpleasant chemicals.  Much better to use green non-toxic cleaners and keep yourself happy whilst you carry out those boring chores.

But you do need to ensure you are still careful with those products.  When you buy Green Cleaning Products always read the labels.  They are likely to be kinder to you and your home as well as the environment.  But allergies, even to all natural products are not uncommon.  Citrus derivatives are widely used, being both anti-bacterial, insect repellent and offering natural enticing perfumes.  But allergies to citrus oils are extremely common so still take care.

Green Cleaning Basics

Remember that green cleaning is not just about choosing the most environmentally cleaner.  It is also about using less products full stop.  Using less water too all helps to lower your carbon footprint.  The fewer resources you use the kinder you are being to the planet.

Your home doesn’t need to be any less clean for using a little less detergent or forgoing the fabric softener though.  It just needs a little retraining.  We have grown accustomed to using vast quantities of products.  It isn’t helped by the manufacturers who insist on telling us to fill the cap to full for every wash or to use a certain volume in each pail of water.  The truth is you can usually get by using a lot less than the makers suggest.

A simple trick is to switch to Eco Wash Balls or Soap Nuts to do the laundry.  They are much kinder to your clothes and the environment and perform extremely well for most loads.  However, you will sometimes find people bemoaning their lack of power when dealing with really dirty washing.  That’s not something to concern yourself with and certainly no reason not to use them.  Simply keep a back-up supply of your favorite, green laundry detergent and some simple soap to use when things really need a bit more power to shift stains or stubborn dirt.

Doing your bit, by using kinder Eco Cleaning Products most of the time, is worth the switch.  Even if you still keep a secret stash of something far stronger to use on occasion.

Buy Eco Cleaning Products

Even if you don’t only buy Eco Cleaning Products it helps to purchase some.  As many as you are comfortable with.  But whilst the ingredients list is a good guide to their green cleaning credentials don’t forget the obvious common sense stuff too.

All environmentally friendly activity needs to look at the bigger picture.  So check the packaging, you want the least amount necessary and it should be easy to recycle of course.  Packaging produced from recycled materials is great if you can get it too.  Probably more important is that the contents are concentrated.  It might cost you a little more but it means you bring less packaging home in the first place.  Plus of course you use less time and energy traipsing your Eco Cleaning Products back from the store.