Simple Green Cleaning Products #1 – Baking Soda

Not all Environmentally Friendly Cleaning needs to be complicated.  Simple Green Cleaning Products make reducing your impact on the Earth AND saving a few dollars pretty simple really.  Concentrated and powerful cleaners can really reduce the number of toxins you expose yourself too, never mind the planet.

There are endless Simple Green Cleaners sat in your kitchen cabinets already, it’s just a matter of digging them out and finding out what jobs each suits best.

Store cupboard cleaning ingredients do not need to be difficult to use, and you really don’t need to create million concoctions – though of course you can.  In fact there are hundreds of cleaning tips and recipe ideas included in Clean House Clean Planet. There are hundreds of uses for things you have laying around the home.

Keep things simple by incorporating just three multi-purpose products into your Simple Green Cleaning repertoire.  First up is the ultimate Simple Green Cleaning Product – a Basic, Green Scouring Powder.

Simple Green Scouring Powder

We all need a Simple Green Scourer.  There are times when greasy grime really needs that tough action of a scouring powder to tackle it.  The primary culprit has to be grimy kids and bath-tubs.  If that bath tub is fiberglass or plastic things are even worse.  Your green scouring powder needs to be extremely gentle not to scratch the surface of the tub.  But, it still must be tough as nothing is worth than a dirty ring around the bath.  Not inviting for the next occupant at all!

Baking Soda

The easiest product to use has to be baking soda.  The fine particles in bicarbonate of soda are wonderful for getting through grease and grime.  But they are extremely gentle on plastics.  In fact, I’ve found the only way to keep plastic bottles and bowls properly clean AND scratch free is with baking soda.  There simply is no green scouring powder which can beat it.

Best of all this Simple Green Cleaner is cheap, really cheap.  Buy the biggest bag you can (forget the big brand, why bother paying more for a prettier box), and it will last you months.

Simple Green Cleaning Products don’t need to be difficult to find or difficult to use.  This scourer can be made into a paste with a little water and rubbed on just about anything.  For a thorough yet gentle clean.  Battles it’s way through soap scum, grease, it even soaks up smells – what more could you ask of a Cheap Environmentally Friendly Cleaner?

If you are concerned about aluminum in baking soda, check out these links: and  They might give you some more perscpective

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