Simple Green Cleaning Products #2 – Vinegar

As we make Cleaning Eco Friendly, more of us are spending more money on Green Cleaners.  But, not all Green Cleaning Products need to be pretty colored liquids with fabulous perfumes extracted from organic flowers.  Most jobs can be tackled much more cheaply with Simple Green Cleaning Products.  They are multipurpose cleaners meaning you need to buy less different things to tackle all the household chores.

Safe and mild, the range of Simple Green Cleaners is endless.  Each item can tackle a multitude of different tasks.  Earlier we looked at the ultimate Simple Green Scourer – a cheap green product if ever there was one.  Here we’re moving on to the ultimate Green Disinfectant.  Another cheap and simple cleaner, which you can never stop finding uses for.  Yet mild enough not to be worried about using or keeping in the cleaning cupboard.  The perfect Eco Green Cleaning Product if ever there was one.

Simple Green Disinfectant

Disinfectant cleaners are rarely Green or Environmentally Friendly.  This is because to ensure every microbe is destroyed they tend to contain pretty toxic substances such as ammonia and bleach.  The ultimate Simple Green Disinfectant is very different.  Admittedly it won’t be used in hospitals.  But unless your home is full of immuno-suppressed folks do you really need that kind of antibacterial cleaning?

White Vinegar

The best Simple Green Disinfectant uses one ingredient which is 100% natural.  In fact it is actually a bi-product of the drinks industry which gives it pretty fantastic ecological credentials.  And, as far as safety is concerned, this is a Simple Green Cleaning Product you can drink if you like – or just use as most of us do; to liven up a plate of fries or a salad.

Yes, you guessed it I am talking about vinegar as a green disinfectant.  You’ve already got some I’m sure, so why not try it out?

People think because vinegar is safe to drink it surely cannot be that tough as a Green Cleaning Product.  But, they are wrong.  Vinegar has been used for centuries as a food preservative because it is such a powerful destroyer of micro-organisms.  It’s high acidity makes life impossible for microbes in your pickles and it can do the same on your work surfaces.

The only thing about vinegar is that you must remember to buy the highest acidity you can, if you really want your Simple Green Cleaning Product to act as a disinfectant or anti-bacterial cleaner.  5% acidity is fine, and is what you will usually find.  You can use any type you like, but distilled malt is usually the most economical.  Again buy in bulk for the best savings on your Simple Green Cleaning Products.

This makes for one incredibly Safe Disinfectant, one you definitely won’t mind having in your home.  But, for all it being a true All Natural Cleaning Product it still works.  It has lots of uses.  This Simple Cleaner is not just an anti-bacterial cleaner it is also a multipurpose degreaser.   Able to cut through grease and soap scum it will even tackle limescale and can be used to keep your windows bright and smear free!  This definitely one of the most useful Simple Green Cleaning Products, not just a Green Disinfectant.