Simple Green Cleaning Products #3 – Castile Soap

Eco Friendly Cleaning is not just about biodegradable products, or all natural ingredients.  There is a bigger picture, which insists we all use fewer resources in general.  One way to help your green cleaning achieve this goal is to choose fewer products, and make at least some of them multipurpose Simple Green Cleaning Products.

One of the greenest things you can do with regards to the household chores is use less petrochemical based detergents, and more natural soap based products.  Soaps are the original Simple Green Cleaner.  They can be all natural and even organic cleaning products.  The Eco Friendly cleaner should have several types of soaps to hand;

  • Soft soap or liquid soap, for use as a diluted all round general cleaning liquid.  For cars, floors and anything else you can think of.
  • Bar soap for rubbing into stains prior to washing the laundry.
  • Soap flakes as a pre-soak for dirty laundry and more.

Simple Green Cleaning with Natural Soap

The key to Green Cleaning with soap is not to use too much.  That’s how soap scum builds up and leaves you working even harder to remove your Simple Green Cleaning Product.

All Natural Cleaners

Castile Soap – Click for Full Range

The cheapest green cleaner has to be ordinary bar soap.  From this you can make your own soft soap and soap flakes.  Simply grate your bar of vegetable based soap to produce soap flakes.  Boil these up in water and you create soft soap which can be diluted further as a general household cleaner.  It is even good as a windscreen wash on the car, since detergents (even mild ones such as dish-washing detergent) can corrode the varnish on your car’s paintwork.

Simple Green Cleaning Products don’t come any more basic than soap and water.  It is probably why we’ve neglected it as a green cleaner for so long.  It just seems so old-fashioned and basic that it can’t be any good –  surely.  In fact soap is pretty alkaline giving it anti-bacterial qualities (why do you think it’s so great for washing our hands to keep germs and virus’s at bay?).

Don’t forget too, that soap can be used outside too.  It isn’t just a green cleaner; it’s also a safe pesticide.  Great for dealing with insect pests and fungal problems on your garden plants, insecticidal soap is merely soap used as an insecticide.

There is no product too basic and unassuming to be rejected as a Simple Green Cleaning Product.  The most basic ideas are often the best, and they simply cannot be beaten when it comes to price and their low environmental impact.

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  1. Hi! I’m always looking for new ways to use green cleaning products, so thank you for the suggestions.
    As you said it’s better to use one multipurpose product that is why I use Citra Solv, I use it for everything and it’s natural and efficient.
    I LOVE IT.

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