Simple Green Cleaning Products #4 – Salt

Here at Eco Green Cleaning Products we have a series of posts about Simple Green Cleaning Products.  This one is the forth in the series and again looks at the very greenest cleaners.  Products that are 100% Natural, 100% Safe and 100% Cheap.  You can buy organic versions and even kosher versions if the fancy takes you.  All however, will prove valuable, economical Simple Green Cleaners.

We have already seen how Simple and Green cleaning can be, with Baking Soda, Vinegar and Simple Soap.  Today’s All Natural Cleaning Product is another disinfectant, anti-bacterial cleaner and degreaser.  This is probably the cheapest Green Cleaner you could ever have and it is already sitting in your kitchen cupboard.  We are of course talking Salt as Green Cleaner.

Of course it isn’t very glamorous and it rarely comes in particularly exciting packaging, or indeed with any added flowery fragrance.  But, all this is good, it simply makes salt more economical and much much more environmentally friendly.  No wasted perfumes or packaging for this green cleaner.

All Natural Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Now, if you’re cleaning in a hospital or around sick family members and need to ensure bacteria are destroyed, try something stronger such as the Simple Green Disinfectant.  But if you simply need to ensure your green cleaning is indeed very very clean read on.

Salt has been used for thousands of years to preserve foods and prevent decay.  Why?  Because salt inhibits microbes and bacteria.  That’s way there is so much of it in anything canned or pickled – it kills germs.  Now of course, since salt is not sold as a green cleaner we can not make any claims to just how many germs it will destroy.  But, in practical terms for ordinary households it can prove a pretty effective tool in the battle against germs.  Just like vinegar in fact.

Salt is also a fine scourer brilliant for coaxing the dullest stainless steel sink into a brilliant shine.  In fact you can use it in many of the ways you would use baking soda, though it is not an odour absorber in the same way as bicarb.

We all know salt will help mop up wine stains but it will also try its best to absorb grease too which makes it great for dealing with spills.

Try it, just make sure you buy the biggest budget pack to keep costs and packaging down and environmental benefits up!

Enjoy your Salty Simple Green Cleaning!

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  1. You can also use salt to clean copper cookware. Simply rub a lemon half across the bottom and sprinkle salt the area. You can use the lemon half as a sponge to scour the bottom of the pan. Them simply rinse with water. Its very effective and great for the environment

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