Make Cleaning Eco Friendly

Keep your Cleaning Eco Friendly and you can save money, help the environment and improve the health of your home, all in one clean sweep so to speak.  With many ranges to choose from you can buy into the whole green cleaning movement without having to do much more than buy a different brand of your usual products.  Or you can opt for the other extreme of making everything yourself and using only natural products to clean your home.  Most of us choose something in between though.

The next few articles will look at the different levels of ‘greenness’ we follow to make our Cleaning Eco Friendly.

The Light Green Approach to Eco Friendly Cleaning

The disadvantages of simply switching all your current chemical cleaners to a green cleaning brand are that firstly it will cost you, and secondly often the Eco credentials of such green brands can be a trifle misleading.  That is not to say that switching all your current favorites to a greener brand is pointless.  Even if your new products are less than perfect, they will be better than old-fashioned chemical cleaners.  But, whether ‘a little greener’ is good enough is a very personal decision.

We are not here to judge and personally believe every little bit of greener living helps.  But, that shouldn’t make you feel completely wholesome and carbon neutral just because you have chosen a greener cleaner in this weeks trip to the grocery store.  Be happy you have improved your impact on the environment but do know there is of course more you could do.

Lifestyle, family commitments, budget and time constraints all have their part to play in determining just how environmentally friendly each of us is.  I am far from perfect, but sometimes greener than others and always aware that I could try harder.

It is great to be doing something, just do not get to complacent or indeed judgemental about what others do.  Remember, all those lovely green cleaning products you buy have an impact on the planet.  They are sold to you in abundant packaging (often plastic) and driven all over the country before you get to use them.  You drive to the store to pick them up and half of what is in most of those lovely green bottles is just water.

If you do nothing else, ALWAYS choose the most concentrated formula you can.  This is one of the greenest things you can do, in many aspects of your families groceries.  More product in each bottle equals more time between purchases, less packaging to try and recycle and less fuel used to get the green cleaner to your home.  But, do not forget to use significantly less of these green concentrated cleaners or you put all your good efforts to waste!

Another key to improving the light green approach to Eco Friendly Cleaning is to buy fewer products.  Consolidate your green cleaners.  There are simply not that many jobs that really require just one specific cleaning product to achieve.  You should be able to make more space in your cupboards and in your store trolley by choosing multipurpose products rather than task specific ones.  Remember the dirt in your home does not alter radically depending on which room you are in, so why on earth are you buying so many different types of green cleaning product.

All that being said, choosing the light green approach to make Cleaning Eco Friendly is still a good thing.  You can still feel good that you have improved your family’s negative impact on the planet and really every single improvement is hugely important.  If every family just made their approach to the chores that little bit greener think how much less pollution there would be in our waste water, or how fewer children would be exposed to harmful chemical cleaners?

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  1. When I have time I try to make my own cleaning products and sometimes I am really satisfied with the results, other times I am not, so much time to make them and not much of a result. So in these cases I pull out my best friend, Citra Solv, it’s a natural, biodegradable, concentrated cleaner which works perfectly on practically everything.
    Either way I feel safe because I know everything I use it’s natural and by doing so I do my share for the environment.

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