Should I Use Green Cleaners?

The Eco Green Cleaning Products site is all about finding ways to make less impact on the planet, keep our families safe and our homes sparkly clean.  It can sometimes seem like a tall order.  But lets be honest, there are days when just getting the dirty dishes dealt with can seem like a mammoth task.  The other day someone came to this site using the term ‘Should I Use Green Cleaners?’.

That got me to thinking, should he or she use green cleaners?  Well obviously I have a pretty obvious stance, with a tendency towards greener cleaning.  But I am not militant about it and since I know nothing about that his or her lifestyle or current impact on the environment how should I know, really how green or not they already are and what they should be doing.  It is amusing at times, we have begun to think of the internet as a helpful uncle or Grandpa.  Someone to seek advice from.  But let’s be honest how on earth would Bing or Google know whether you should be using green cleaning products!

That being said, if he or she ever returns I would say Yes, please DO use Green Cleaners.  But, likewise do not feel too terrible if not everything you do is perfectly environmentally friendly.  Improve a little this month, and improve a little more next month.  Keep improving and reducing your impact on the planet as much as you can but deal with your short-comings and your occasional return to old ways without too much upset.  And, while it is good to spread the word and encourage others do not preach or judge  those less green than yourselves.

So Mystery Man or Woman who wants to know ‘Should I Use Green Cleaners?’  In answer to your question.  By all means, use green cleaners, but likewise use less cleaners, more natural simple products such as plain old soap and water, and drive your car less, turn the lights off and a million other things that will keep the planet safer for longer!

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