Simple Green Cleaner

Choosing a Simple Green Cleaner is pretty easy if you just go for one of the Simple Green Cleaning Products range.  Made by Sunshine Makers Inc these have provided industry and households with a less polluting and less toxic method of cleaning for decades.

That being said, Simple Green is not the most Environmentally Friendly range of cleaning products to choose.   They sometimes get a lot of negative publicity for not being green enough.  In reality this is a little unfair, after all the company is one of the most open about what ingredients they use, and the original aim of their products was to keep people safe whilst using extremely tough cleaning products at work.  All this, they do extremely well.  But, in the average home, with average dirt you do not necessarily need the same power as that contained in a bottle of Simple Green Multi Purpose Degreaser for example.

That is not to say they are not a good range of products.  But, if you are looking for dark green living they are not going to deliver.  These are products for folks that do not want to give up their powerful toxic results, but would like to pollute less and breath in far fewer nasty fumes.

Sunshine Inc Simple Green Cleaning Products

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Dismissing Simple Green as not green enough is not really fair at all.  Read the label and they show exactly how green or not they are.  And, being sold in highly concentrated packs many of their products probably pollute less overall thatn more expensive, greener cleaners.  The key to environmentally friendly cleaning is to take some responsibility.  If you are never going to give up the results and lack of effort you put in with your current use of bleaches, toxic scourers and so on, a move to the Simple Green Cleaner range will be a good thing.  After all you are one person that is not ever going to be making your own soaps or sprinkling baking soda around the place.  The results you achieve with Simple Green will be the same, if not better than (after all they are designed for the exacting standards of industrial cleaning), as your current basket of chemical cleaners.  But most importantly you will be reducing your exposure to harmful fumes and improving the biodegradability of the waste leaving your home.

A Simple Green Cleaner may not be perfect, but most of us are simply never likely to reach perfection.  They do offer a vast improvement over traditional products though, and that must be welcomed.