Eco Cleaning Gadgets

Here at the Eco Cleaning Products site we have looked into many green cleaners.  Natural, safe, biodegradable and so on.  We have also looked at home recipe cleaning products.  Simple Green Cleaners, eco cleaning tips such as using vinegar to help clean the windows, or baking soda deodorizer in the trash can.  We have also talked about using a little more elbow grease and less product altogether, particularly with the help of our favorite green cleaning closet essential, the microfiber cloth.

But, though we may sound ‘holier than thou’ at times, expressing a desire for everyone to think more about making their Cleaning Eco Friendly, we can assure you we are not.  Our home is an average one, where sometimes the thought of elbow grease is enough to put you off doing the chores entirely.

There are time savers and more importantly effort savers that can really help on the greener cleaning front though.  So, we shall interrupt our usual programing to bring you the best Eco Cleaning Gadget Reviews we can lay our pretty little hands on.

First up will be the Bissell 1400-7 Little Green Cleaning Machine. Yes, we know it uses electricity and it is made up of plastics and resins.  But, delve a little deeper and there is an awful lot to keep even the greenest greenie happy.  Post consumer recycled materials, biodegradable carpet cleaning solution, Styrofoam free recycled packaging.  And that is just the machine.  Add to that the fact it is also helping our carpets and upholstery remain in tip top, stain free condition for longer.  This means a clever green gadget could mean a longer time between new purchases which is of course one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do.

So, hang fire for the Eco Cleaning Gadgets Series…

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