Eco Friendly Laundry – Nellie’s Dryer Balls Review

Since ‘doing the laundry’ is one of the biggest polluting aspects of our home cleaning regime it makes sense to make the Laundry Cleaning Eco Friendly.

We have already looked at Eco Wash Balls, and how magically brilliant they are.  But, what about Eco Dryer Balls?  There are a few brands available but first up is perhaps the most well known; the Nellie’s Dryer Balls Review.

In an ideal world of course we would all line dry our laundry outdoors. The sun would help brighten whites and the breeze would freshen and reduce creasing.

But where your hectic lifestyle, apartment or the weather make outdoor drying of the laundry a rare luxury rather than a common occurrence there is no getting away from the volume of washing that needs time in the dryer.

dryer balls

Nellie’s Dryer Balls

If you use a dryer regularly you already know how much energy they use, and how necessary dryer sheets are to prevent all that cling and lint build up. Finding a way to reduce the time in the dryer is a sure fire way to reduce your energy bill and make your laundry day a little greener.

Nellie’s Dryer Balls work by getting in the way of the laundry! Their bulk separates items aerating and thus helping items dry faster. This tumbling about also helps the fibers in your fabrics realign themselves and thus soften them. This means with a dryer ball you should find you no longer need to use a fabric softener in the washer. This saves you some more money and stops your home wastefully consuming extra chemicals it does not need to be using. All in all, a win-win situation for the greener approach to cleaning.

But, do Nellie’s Dryer Balls work? Well check out the customer reviews from amazon and you will see that indeed they do…