Eco Friendly Cleaning with the Goodbye Detergent Original Spaghetti Scrub

Here at the Eco Green Cleaning Products site we believe reducing the number of liquids and scrubs we use around the home is even more important than changing them all to Eco Cleaners.  Less waste and less mess for the planet to deal with is the result of using less rather than just changing brands.  One nifty little green cleaning gadget we have noticed is this…

Available in two types, one course and one more gentle these wiggly little scrubbers are designed to get into hard to reach corners and grooves and remove food and grime on all your kitchen tools. Perhaps the only way to thoroughly clean a whisk not washed immediately after use, the spaghetti scrub balls are designed to work without detergent or soap, thus reducing the volume of cleaning products you are using at home.

Importantly they dry quickly and fully so do not provide a home for mildew or bacteria like some cloths can. They use powder obtained from peach stones to provide a gentle abrasive power. This is something that has been used in face scrubs and home made cleaning solutions for years so we know it works and is natural and mild. Some of the Original Spaghetti Scrub Reviews confirm great results on glassware, plastics and steel. If used nowhere but to scrub the kitchen sink and faucets it would be worth the investment though, as all those little curves and grooves can be a nightmare to get really sparkly clean!

Goodbye Detergent Original Spaghetti Scrub

All the Goodbye Detergent range of products are designed to do just that, remove the need for detergents from your cleaning regime. Now I guess that most folks will still use some form of dishwashing liquid but you can definitely use a whole lot less with the spaghetti scrub even if you cannot give up the habit entirely!

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