Green Cleaning Basics

Making your household Cleaning Eco Friendly is an important step towards a redressing the balance between our affects on the environment and the planet’s ability to cope with our actions.  It is not difficult to ensure our household chores have a less harmful impact on the world around us, it simply takes a little thought and some Green Cleaning Basics.

Green Cleaning Basic Rules

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the catchphrase for any number of green and eco friendly ideas.  Keep it in mind when thinking about your cleaning habits and materials to be used too.

  1. Reduce the volume of any cleaning product to use, you will still get the job done, but without wasting so much of your cleaners.  Reduce the amount of water you use too.  Use the shortest cycles and only ever run the washer when full.  Remember if you use less detergent you need less water to rinse it away.  Can you mop the kitchen with half a bucket instead of a full one?  Every time you use less of anything you are improving your impact on the world around you!  So think about what you can do without, it’s important!  In your home, in your office there must be a way to cut down on what you use. Call up a cleaning or removal company (skip hire London) if you have too many things you don’t need and see how you can recycle them or pass them on. Getting rid of the clutter will make it easier to keep your space clean without wasting energy and cleaning products.
  2. Reuse anything you can.  Remember microfiber cloths are machine washable and will last months or years rather than the days or weeks of a sponge.   The essential Green Cleaning tool is of course old linen and clothing.  Any linens you were considering throwing out should be cut up and consigned to the cleaning closet.
  3. Recycle everything you can and switch to those green cleaning products that come in packaging that is easy to recycle in your locality.

These three keystones of living a life kinder to the earth are relevant in so much of what we do it is easy to ignore them.  But when you are trawling the store for Eco cleaning products or ingredients to make your own green cleaners do not forget just how important these ideas are.  If you can use less, waste less and recycle more your chores will be far more Eco friendly even before we get around to working out which green cleaners are the most appropriate for you and your family!

Here endeth the first Green Cleaning Basics lesson!  Don’t worry there will be plenty more here where we want everyone to make their Cleaning Eco Friendly.