Commercial Green Cleaning

Here at the Green Cleaning Products site we have tended to concentrate on how to create Eco Friendly Homes.  But the truth of the matter is that commercial cleaning companies have a massive effect on the cleaning products industry.  Unless commercial cleaners get on the green bandwagon there will still be huge problems of pollution and potential health hazards brought about by the simple need to keep things clean.

Thankfully Commercial Green Cleaning is growing.  As businesses feel pressure to literally clean up their act, they are starting to employ more environmentally friendly contractors too.  This is great news for the planet and probably even better news for those that work in the cleaning industry too.

A few of the key things I at least feel more commercial cleaners should be thinking about are as follows:

  • Focusing on safe cleaning products.  Due to the rules and regulations regarding health and safety at work, this tends to occur not so much out of choice, but simply due to necessity.  But still keeping those cleaning products non-toxic and safe to use is crucial for those people that actually carry out the work of keeping our work-places clean.
  • Water usage.  Water is the key component for so much of our cleaning techniques, but since it is safe it is often neglected when thinking about the environmental impact of our activities.  Simple things like using less water with a flat-head mop and not rinsing in a huge bucket of water, can really help when you consider just how much floor mopping gets carried out in the average office block.
  • Ditching paper towels.  As we have already seen microfiber cloths can be used and used again and most importantly need very little detergent to do a sterling job.  If commercial cleaning companies switch from chlorine contaminated paper towels to re-usable microfiber cloths they could have a huge impact on deforestation and save themselves money on wasted detergents.

Due to commercial businesses focus on profit some of the things we need to do to make our home cleaning more Eco friendly automatically get done.  Buying concentrated cleaners for example is a no-brainer within the cleaning industry but something more home-owners would do well to copy.

If you are trying to make your home more Eco friendly you should be trying to do the same at work.  Voicing our concerns in the workplace and requesting more environmentally responsible practices including the use of green cleaning contractors is crucial for promoting widespread change.

Commercial Green Cleaning is perhaps even more important for the planet than Green Cleaning at home.  But, still you want a healthier environment inside your house too.  Somewhere safe and free from toxins so do be sure to make the switch so we all end up with more Eco Friendly Homes too.