Green Cleaning Products – One Step at a Time

Finding the very best green cleaning products can take time.  It isn’t just the research to find the most environmentally friendly products, or the most easy to recycle packaging either.  You need to know exactly how user friendly your cleaners are too.

Whilst some people are more than happy with a splash of vinegar or some baking soda to clean the bathroom you may find such homemade remedies simply don’t fit into your hectic schedule or your normal cleaning routine.  Try them, you might well be surprised.  And, even if you don’t use these ultimate green cleaners for all your household chores, if they save you from the evils of bleach or chlorine based products only for one task they will help.

Trying new ways to do our ordinary housework is best done in stages.  If you try to re-work your entire cleaning regime you are far more likely to fail, become discouraged and ultimately return to your old ways.  Far better to change one thing.  Find a green cleaner you are happy to use and then tackle the next chore or type of product you use.

Being more environmentally friendly has to be a gradual process for most of us bought up using and abusing the earth’s resources.  We may know we should re-vamp our whole lifestyles but frankly that just isn’t likely to happen for more than a tiny minority of die hard eco warriors.  Rather than be deterred by your inability to alter everything, do one thing, and do it well, be happy with your choices, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are ever so slightly more green than you used to be, and you will be encouraged by that one small success to change other aspects of your household chores, or indeed your life too.

Baby steps are what we should be thinking about, because even if you can afford to use organic, natural everything unless you use those products wisely and really think about their impact on the planet, through using resources, transportation and water etc you may as well just use a little less but continue with your old traditional products.

Green cleaning products have to suit you and your routine.  So when thinking about making the change pick one product and do something about the nasty polluting or dangerous version in your closet.  When you have found a great green alternative that keeps you happy in your routine and is Eco enough for you move on to the next.

Most of us simply cannot be perfect, and frankly even if we were you just know some new scare or new story will make us realise that perfection was far from true.  So stop sweating about everything and just do something, anything to make your cleaning just a little bit more Eco Friendly today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing – it’s a good idea to be aware of what you put in and on your body because it can affect you in many ways.

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