Air Filters and the Problems of Indoor Dust

Is your house dustier than you think is normal? That is a difficult question to answer definitively and the answer may be subjective, at best. The real question should be; Is my or my family’s health being negatively effected by the dust in my home? If you think the answer may be yes, there are steps you should consider to find out more information.

The types of dust that could be in your house vary a great deal. Here is a short list; lint from clothes, paper products, home insulation, pets, vacuum cleaners, upholstery, concrete and more. One way to get an idea about the dust in your home is to test it yourself. This can be as simple as using a piece of clear tape to take a sample of the dust you see in your house. Using an inexpensive magnifying glass you will be able to see the differences in the type of dust on your sample.

Alternatively, you could hire a professional to take samples and analyze them for you. This is certainly a situation to check the reputation and experience of the professional before you commit to hiring them. What is gained from dealing with an untrustworthy person or company?

If I was considering a professional, I would certainly do some testing myself to have a way to “keep them honest” if you will. It never hurts to demonstrate that you have some understanding of any situation when you are dealing with other people.

Another “do it yourself” option is to step up the quality of the air filter in your HVAC system. A HEPA filter would be one type to consider especially if someone in your home is having allergy type symptoms. Trying such a filter for 2 or 3 months may provide some noticeable relief. That would help to determine if you have a problem with the air quality or dust in your home. Depending on your circumstances more actions may be recommended or, the permanent use of a HEPA filter could suffice.