Green Cleaning

We should all be doing a little more to ensure Green Cleaning is the way we tackle all our household chores.  By searching around the site you will find plenty of green cleaning tips that should make your cleaning Eco friendly.  With links to great environmentally friendly products, from vapor steam cleaners to microfiber slippers, there should be something to inspire us all to take one more step towards a more sustainable, less environmentally damaging approach to creating a healthy home.

You don’t even need to be that concerned about the future of the planet (though why on earth wouldn’t you be?) either.  Much that is ‘green’ is also frugal and healthy.  Avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals is just as important for you, your kids and pets, as it is for the micro-organisms residing in our water-ways.

Personally I don’t really think it matters what your motivations are, so long as you do something to rely less heavily on bleaches and harmful disinfectants that do nobody any good at all.  Yes your toilet bowl might shine so bright you feel satisfied you are doing your job of keeping house and home spic and span.  But at what cost?

Re-evaluating your routines, and changing just one thing a month, to something a little more environmentally friendly will do you the world of good, as the one responsible for keeping the home clean too.  You don’t really want to be breathing in all those toxic fumes do you?

By looking for traditional ways to tackle the chores you can avoid both dangerous products, and also expensive ones too.  There are so many cheap cleaning options; from baking soda to scrub the bath tub, to white vinegar to disinfect your counter tops.  You don’t have to pay much for the greenest cleaners, and you don’t have to have a closet full of bottles you would rather your children didn’t get hold of.

And don’t think your new flower scented, organic product with its pretty green bottle is necessarily the best option either.  Think more basic than that.  You need to aim for:

  • Non toxic cleaners
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Concentrated cleaners
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Readily bio-degradable ingredients
  • Safe to use – and that means often choosing items designed to be used in the work-place, since they must pass far more stringent health and safety requirements as far as user exposure is concerned

More basic things to consider are:

  • Using less water to rinse those products away
  • Avoiding irritants (even natural ones) such as citrus oils
  • What cloths / sponges etc are you using – can they be recycled or re-used?
  • How sterile does your home really need to be?  There is far too much emphasis on doing away with every bacteria or germ in the home.  In some cases this is a must, but most of us live far more healthy allergy free lives if we come into some contact with these naturally occurring organisms.

Enjoy your clean home but not to the expense of your health (or indeed the planets), and make at least one change today towards more Environmentally aware green cleaning.