Clean Water

In some cities and locations, filtering the water you drink could help your health and actually save you money if you are buying bottled water. Some folk may overlook cleaning their water while taking care of the cleanliness of other areas of their home. But after living in DC for 12 years, the importance of filtering one’s water becomes apparent. Until recently, some pipes had high levels of lead. And the taste of the water, while safe and clean, could taste better. In other areas of the country, testing has revealed medicine and agriculture materials.  Also, filtration may be a good option  if you’re visiting many places around the world.

Mechanical filtration systems will a great deal. To be a lot more ‘clean’, the water would need to be steam distilled which I think removes a lot of other molecules. (By the way, 100% pure ‘water’ is very hard to come by, and most folks are probably used to some minerals in their water, which makes can give the water a good taste) I’ve tried the water from steam distilled filters in people’s homes and it was very good, but took a long time to get any water. And the water was hot. It would be great for tea!

So in general, I usually drink good tasting tap water, bottled water, or filtered water.  Every once in a while I’ll eat some snow or boil some shady water.  Like a lot of folks I’ve tried the Pur and Brita filters, which work well. My favorite would be the New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter System. I also have been using the Culligan Wall-Mount Showerhead which also helps. Both have helped a lot, though you gotta remember to change the filter on time. If you own a house, you could install a filter for the whole house.

New Wave filter

The New Wave filter is great because it’s a 10-stage filter which filters a lot of stuff.  But it costs about 90 bucks and it needs to be installed.  The installation process takes about 5 minutes.  You unscrew the cap from the spout of your sink and re-screw it with the New Wave attachment.  The filtered water comes out of its own spout that sits next to the original faucet.  The best thing about the New Wave is that gives you a lot more clearance underneath the spout than the Brita and Pur faucet filters.

Pitcher filters

The Pur and Brita filters you put in the fridge are cool. I like them. But at some point they probably get dirty and I’ve seen a lot of dirty examples. If you commit to cleanliness, they are easy to clean. You won’t get the super filtering like that New Wave, but they are more portable so you could have them at the office.

Shower filter

The Culligan Wall-Mount Showerhead may help if you leave the shower with extra dry skin, or itchiness. There could be a lot of reasons but adding the Culligan helped me get a better feeling shower.  And I like the water pattern that comes out of the showerhead.

Portable filters

In terms of camping and traveling, filtration may be even more important. I don’t much experience with portable filters but I do boil my water or buy the local bottled water or Coca-Cola if I’m in a lurch. Or you can drink coconut water and watermelons. There’s some cool filtration options. I want to get a UV purification system, which doesn’t filter but does kill bateria and other micro-critters.

Bottled water

If you do use bottled water, you can try out a delivery service so you can get the 5 or 10 gallons bottles at your house. Using a glass container will improve the purity of your water as well.  If you get plastic bottles make sure you get the BP-free bottles.