Citrus cleaners

About a month ago I picked up a bottle of CitraSolv Multi-purpose Spray Cleaner.  My housemate, someone with very high cleanliness standards, loved it immediately.  Spraying it smells like squeezing an orange peel.  I’ve used it in my car, in the kitchen and the bathroom.  I am not sure how well it works on glass because it seemed streaky but that could be my technique.  I used it on my car seats, windows, and dashboard.  The scent refreshes the air, though I didn’t quite get the glass thing down.

I haven’t tried other brands citrus-based cleaners.  They may be of similar quality.  But I do recommend the CitraSolv cleaner.

If you happen to be in a pinch, you can also just use the liquid that squirts from an orange peel.  I can’t vouch for all applications, but it’s pretty amazing to check out.  I imagine you could clean with a lemon or lime, too, though I haven’t tried that yet.