Seventh Generation and 365

Hey, everyone!

I just decided to reinstate this website. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to share some ideas about cleaning with you. If you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions, please contact me.

Basically, at store, I’ll buy the 365 brand. If I’m shopping online, I usually go with 7th Generation. Both products lines provide great quality cleaning products.


Of the “green” cleaning products we use, most come from the Whole Foods 365 brand. They have great laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher soap and all-purpose citrus cleaner spray.

Seventh Generation

Besides the 365, our household uses a bunch of Seventh Generation products. They’re high quality and clean well (though some people I know do say that the traditional dish soaps cut grease better – this is a good point of debate). I wish they would explain where they source some of their ingredients. In general, people regard 7th Gen as a good-quality company. I’ll try to to do a more in-depth article sometime soon. We use their disinfecting wipes and their disinfecting spray. For some reason, I thought these cleaners were using rosemary oil, but I guess my nose buds were mistaken.

Recycled Paper Towels

We get these from Amazon. I usually don’t get paper towels from any of the grocery stores nearby because the recycled paper towels are typically more expensive. There are plenty of options, but we usually go with this option. I think we might try the natural colored paper towels at some point. But currently, we use white paper towels.

Of course, an even better option would be to use reusable towels and wipes, but our household has not gotten to that level of green.