Antibacterial Disinfectant – Green Cleaning?

Can you buy an Antibacterial Disinfectant Green Cleaner?  If you can, should you use it?

Green cleaning is all about not damaging eco-systems or other life on this little blue planet.  So the question is what place can antibacterial disinfectants have in a world promoting that we make cleaning Eco friendly?

Ordinarily I would suggest that most of us simply do not need to destroy every microbe or ‘germ’ in our homes.   After all, exposure to small quantities of such beings helps our immune system develop and protect us from the truly dangerous life-forms swimming through our environment.

But, there may be times when you really want to destroy all bacteria and then you’ll be running for the disinfectant no matter how much I urge you not too.  Maybe you’re caring for someone who really needs to avoid contact with all bacteria – someone with a weakened immune system, taking immuno-suppresents or undergoing chemotherapy.  Even if you’re one of the true green cleaners who never normally uses anything stronger than vinegar, there are times when I recognise you really will want a true disinfectant green or otherwise.

Again, I really do not think we should all use antibacterial disinfectants (green or otherwise) on a daily basis.  But, if circumstances call for such strong arm tactics make sure your disinfectant is a green one.  And, at all costs please avoid chlorine bleach!

Neat vinegar can be used as an antibacterial cleaner, but if you’re after complete destruction of all organisms reach for the Simple Green or Pure Green 24 range of disinfectants as they are completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Eco Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

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Personally I think antibacterial disinfectant is not Eco friendly cleaning.  But, then life is all about compromises.  If a disinfectant is warranted choose one which is water based, biodegradable and a concentrated formula.  Then use only as needed. Always ask yourself ‘Should I Use Green Cleaners?’, you know the answer, don’t you?

Most homes and families are healthier without using Antibacterial Disinfectant – green or not, so whenever possible opt for something altogether milder.  There are several ranges of oxygen bleach products which offer tough cleaning and disinfectant capabilities without harming the environment.  Indeed good old hydrogen peroxide is a particularly useful antibacterial cleaner, and cheap too.  Whilst products not marketed as cleaners cannot be labelled as disinfectants, you can make good use of vinegar and tea tree oil as natural and safe antibacterial  green cleaners.  If you are choosing a disinfectant make sure it is at the very least a greenish one.