Eco Cleaners – Attributes to Look For

As you can imagine, not only do I do my share of Green Cleaning as I make my cleaning Eco friendly, I also do an awful lot of research on the subject of  Safe Cleaners.  Now, I do apologise for sort-of repeating myself.  I have created a guide of things to consider when Choosing Eco Cleaners.  However, I recently uncovered a little gem of information at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Now as you would expect they really do have a wealth of knowledge over there on all things green and Eco-friendly.  However, it is not the easiest site to navigate, but every so often I find something incredibly useful there.  This is one of those things:

Eco-Cleaners – Environmental Attributes to Look For

  • Minimizes exposure to concentrates
  • No ozone depleting substances
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Recycled-content in packging
  • Reduced bioconcentration factor
  • Reduced flammability
  • Reduced or no added dyes, except when added for safety purposes
  • Reduced or no added fragrances
  • Reduced or no skin irritants
  • Reduced or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Reduced packaging

Now, the spelling mistakes are all theirs (for once).  But I thought the list a really useful one when considering purchasing Eco cleaning products or anything else at all really.  A simple list to make cleaning Eco friendly and hopefully one to use when buying other household items too.

If you feel like navigating your way around their site click here.  They do have product lists and so on, but as far as I could find a lot of the information was out of date or contained broken links.  However it is a good place to start looking for information (nearly as good as here!).

So if trying to make cleaning Eco friendly make sure you consider the points listed above.  Thanks to the EPA for sharing their information on how to chose a Safe Cleaner.