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The ultimate Green Cleaning Product has to be the modern Microfiber Cloth. A simple way to clean almost anything without the need for chemical cleaners, Eco or not.  Browse the huge range of microfiber cloths and eco cleaners at amazon below, or read on for customer reviews and more information.

This site is dedicated to green cleaning products. We tend to think of these as the gels, liquids, powders and sprays we buy to bring our homes up sparkly and fresh but without the environmental damage of conventional cleaners. Today, though we’re forgetting all about those chemicals and perfumes and really going back to basics. To make cleaning Eco friendly it matters too, what you actually use to rub those cleaning recipes on with.

Wiping, polishing, rubbing, washing, cleaning; we need something solid to do all this stuff. The latest darling of the Eco cleaning world are Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

Sponges are the most popular choice for cleaning. Many sponges are made from cellulose wood fiber and are reasonably planet friendly. But an awful lot are made from polyurethane which produces bi-products such as formaldehyde in manufacture. Relying on hydrocarbons to be made they help deplete the ozone layer and as an extra bonus give off dioxins and other carcinogens when they are broken down. The problem with buying a synthetic sponge is that it is often impossible to tell whether it is a relatively benign wood fiber one or a nasty polyurethane one. Obviously one could opt for the natural sponge but lets be honest they are a little on the expensive side for washing the tub with.

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Whatever kind of cloths or sponge you opt for to carry out the household cleaning, the bit that seems¬†reallyenvironmentally unfriendly is that you are forever buying more and throwing old ones away. We need something longer lasting if we’re trying to be Eco cleaners, surely?

Perhaps the most environmentally sound wash cloth is the knitted string cloth. Handmade from waste wool, these are a green cleaning dream. But, for those of us, less proficient with a knitting needle there is another, ready made and extremely green cleaning product that works better than anything else:

Microfiber Cloths for Green Cleaning

Firstly, allow me to declare my avoidance of gimmicks and miracle cures at all times. That is why it took me so long to start using Microfiber cloths. For years the only place you could buy them was via dubious shopping channels or catalogs and to be honest I just did not believe the hype.

Over the last few years though, in a search for something less wasteful to use as a washing cloth and sponge I took the plunge and bought one microfiber cloth. It was an absolute revelation. For one so cautious I quickly became a convert and have been singing their praises to family and friends ever since. As news spreads more and more people are ditching the traditional sponge for these.

I understand some folks would say these wash cloths are not truly green, after all they’re not 100% natural products. But, the sheer longevity of them more than makes up for that (well in my book anyway).

A reasonable quality microfiber cloth will last literally years. All you need to do is pop it in the washing machine to clean it every now and again. So, even though they’re a little more expensive than ordinary dishcloths you save money really quickly as you don’t have to keep buying them. Plus, because you keep them rather than throwing them away each week, your Eco credentials improve as your waste quota diminishes.

As if you needed further incentives to use Microfiber Wonder Rags, they have the undreamed of ability to clean without cleaning products, green or not. I was very dubious about claims that you could clean without cleaners but to my surprise they really do work. Now, I don’t always use naked microfiber cloths for my cleaning. Sometimes I use some soap, vinegar or Ecover product but often I really do just use water and my cloth. Brilliant, saving even more money and the planet too!

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