Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products help the environment.  We all know that, after all, they’re Environmentally Friendly, right?  But, there are degrees of green when it comes to cleaning.  Just because there is a tree on the pack does not mean it is good for the planet, it might just not be quite as bad as something else.

When making the move towards Eco Friendly Cleaning you really need to get into the habit of reading the labels.  Sometimes what you were using before might not be that bad for the world, and the higher costs in producing some organic cleaners or All Natural cleaning products might actually make them worse.

Key to success is knowing your limits.  Homemade soap, from your hand pressed olives might be the best all round Eco Cleaning Product but is hardly likely to be practical.  Improving your carbon footprint is better than not, even if that improvement still puts you planets ahead of someone else.  It is the same with household cleaners.  You might be using some pollutants, but if they are less numerous than your old cleaning regime, you’re still doing a good thing.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Priorities

I prioritise my household chores and cleaning product cupboard on a purely selfish basis.  My goal is to be ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’, but I simply cannot afford to buy the greenest products for everything.  So prioritise and change individual items accordingly.

My list of priorities to choose earth friendly cleaning goods may be very different to yours.  But it may help you to think about what you can change too:

  • Which cleaning products do you use the most?
  • Which products do you dislike using because of fumes, health concerns, environmental hazards?
  • Which products could you consolidate?  Don’t forget how useful one multi-purpose cleaner such as plain old hand dish-washing liquid is.
  • Which cleaning products do you spend the most on?
  • Do you or anyone in your family suffer allergies?
  • Do you want to keep your baby’s clothes clean without irritating their skin?
  • Are you interested in homemade old fashioned cleaning recipes?
  • Are you happy to buy in bulk?
  • Are you a supermarket only shopper, or are you happy to frequent specialist stores?
  • Are you brand loyal?

Whatever little changes you make will help when added together to all the little changes made by us all.  So do not be pressurised into using products you do not find efficient or cost effective.  If you cannot afford to change everything, do what you can, and make those changes count.

Choose more Eco Friendly Cleaning Products that:

  • Are concentrated.
  • Have less packaging.
  • Contain no bleach or ammonia.
  • Are biodegradable.
  • Have fewer perfumes.
  • Contain naturally derived ingredients where possible.
  • Use soaps rather than detergents.

Do not forget the affect of water usage on our planet’s resources too.  If you can reduce your water use when cleaning, even if you change nothing else at all, your cleaning will be more Eco friendly.

Also remember to use less product even if it is a green cleaner.  We are inclined to use far too much of just about everything.  The result of 50 years relative wealth.  But it is simple to use less product and perhaps a little more elbow grease to ensure our Eco Friendly Cleaning Products go a little further.

What you use to carry out your cleaning regime is just as important as the green cleaner put on it.  Ditching the disposable synthetic sponges and moving back to old-fashioned wash-cloths and modern hyper efficient micro fiber cloths can make a huge difference to your grocery bill and your Eco Friendly Cleaning Regime.

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