Eco Green Cleaning Brands

Eco friendly cleaning can be achieved by a number of means.  Firstly reducing the amount of ‘products’ used and relying on a little more elbow grease.  Secondly using some home-made cleaning remedies such as using vinegar, soft soap and baking soda to clean.  And, finally buying ready made green cleaners.  These can be small scale businesses or even homemade all natural organic cleaning products or they can be mass marketed big name brands.

I suggest from the point of view of practicality and time we use all three ways to green up our household chores.  Of course we could make our own soap and use that as the basis for all the products we need but come on, not many of us actually have the time or inclination to suddenly become self-sufficient in all things ‘cleaning’ related.

Back in the real world it is good to use some cheap and cheerful homemade solutions but alongside store-bought remedies to the cleaning conundrum.  There are so many Green Cleaning Products to choose from, each with a different level of environmental impact and cleaning ability.

Over the next few posts I will be looking at how the big name brands compare.  Although it is lovely to by organic solutions made locally there is not a lot of point in me reviewing those as these small businesses vary considerably in quality and price and those available in your area will be very different to those available in mine.  But, those big name brands sell homogenised products worldwide so we should always get exactly the same thing each time we purchase.

There is some suspicion that the big name brands are no better than the conventional brands.  The problem is every-one’s definition of ‘green’ or Eco friendly is different and with no legal standards to follow each brand can be as planet friendly as they like.

The responsibility is ours to ensure we buy things which are as safe as we want them to be.   Each Eco cleaning brand will fit someones definition of a green cleaner.  Just make sure you match your household chores with a company which has the same standards that you have.