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Simple Green Cleaners are a range from Sunshine Makers Inc (surely the best green company name of all time).  They offer three separate ranges, one which is all industrial strength products marketed for industrial cleaning and janitorial supplies.  The second is the traditional Simple Green destined primarily for home use.  The third range is the new Simple Green Naturals range which goes that little bit further, including only naturally derived products in its ingredient list.  All three ranges of Simple Green Cleaning Products certainly offer something for every-one’s shade of green or Eco friendliness.

All the Simple Green Cleaners come from the original desire of the company to produce effective cleaning products that just do not cost the earth.  The company was founded on a desire that products should not damage those using them.  Industrial cleaners and degreasers could be extremely hazardous to health.

Tough Green Cleaning

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Used in close quarters and for long periods of time, the users of commercial cleaning products are continually exposed to whatever ingredients are included.  Sunshine Makers wanted to alleviate the problems of chemical exposure whilst ensuring cleaning power remained strong.  The result was an almost accidental range of Green Cleaning Products.

The business may have started out small, but the effectiveness of the product plus the reduction in health risk and environmental damage quickly led to a boom in safer, more green, industrial strength Simple Green sales.  We all know that business is primarily profit driven.  If the Simple Green products were not as good as their less Eco friendly predecessors the company never would have grown to the degree it did.  This is particularly notable as Simple Green took industry by storm long before Eco-credentials were important for business.

Because Simple Green cleaners were sold as industrial products, they came under the scrutiny of the Health and Safety personnel.  It seems that exposure to toxins at home is fine, but Workplace exposure is not.  This means that for the ‘at home’ consumer, probably the safest cleaners you can choose is actually Industrial strength Simple Green Cleaners. Workplace safety regulations are extremely tough, so why not benefit from them too?

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