Simple Green Cleaning Products Review

Sunshine Maker’s Simple Green Cleaning Products have led the way in non-toxic Green Cleaners since the 1970’s.  You can browse their full range of cleaners at amazon below, or read on for the full review.

Simple Green cleaning products come from the Sunshine Makers Inc corporation. They have been making Eco cleaning products for over thirty years. Initially the business produced tough but biodegradable cleaners for use within industry. Now they produce a wide range of industrial strength and more traditional household cleaning products which are kind to the planet. Recently they have also introduced an All Natural cleaning range with the greenest credentials of all.

Industrial Strength Green Cleaning

Simple Green cleaners are used widely by industry and government which proves they are tough cleaners. Some of the industrial strength items such as Simple Green Industrial Strength Cleaner- Degreaser are being bought by household consumers to use at home. All the customer reviews confirm this is indeed a very tough product indeed. But, it is also completely biodegradable, non toxic, non-abrasive and generally a very safe product.

An advantage of the fact it is widely used in the workplace as an industrial cleaner, is that it therefore has to meet more strict health and safety testing than purely household products. This does however mean that during the early 1980’s they had to use animal testing to meet the US government’s workplace toxicity requirements. Thankfully the company is using the same active ingredients already tested so no longer needs to utilise animal testing. But it is interesting that a company is forced to do such things, though they may not agree with the process.

The whole ethos behind the Simple Green brand really does seem to be to keep things simple. There are very few products in the range and few ingredients. Sunshine Makers have kept to their original plan to sell concentrated biodegradable products which the consumer dilutes and uses for a wide range of jobs.

Concentrated Green Cleaning

Because the multipurpose cleaner is so concentrated the company advise us to dilute it with ten to thirty parts water. This means for general cleaning you are in effect buying thirty times as much green cleaner as you see in the bottle. Nearly all the household chores can be tackled with Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser. There is a lemon scented version which is exactly the same formulation just with a lemony fragrance.

This highly concentrated formula comes out of the company dealing initially with industry. Space and money constraints mean concentrated forumlas are the norm. At home we have not been offered such concentrated cleaning power as standard by many companies. This supply of such a highly concentrated product means we use much less packaging and transportation costs to get the cleaning power we want.

Simple Green Packaging

As with most consumer items there is always packaging to worry about. As mentioned, the high level of concentration means we buy fewer bottles of the product so helping reduce packaging. Plus, because the products are non-toxic, a quick rinse enables any bottles to be reused at home. All their plastics are either PETE spray bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) drums.

Both types are 99.9% readily recyclable which is as good as it can get for plastics recycling. The company are investigating using more post consumer recycled plastics in their own packaging. They also use corn starch products rather than Styrofoam in their packaging.

Customer Reviews

On the whole, people seem extremely happy with the power of Simple Green. It does a very efficient job of cleaning and because you dilute it, you can vary its strength easily depending on the job at hand. You can see here how happy some customer’s are.

Obviously not everyone is completely uncritical. However the main issue seems to be not the cleaning power of the product but the toxicity. This is a very personal thing, everything is toxic in big enough quantities. Simple Green is non-toxic as determined by US Government but that doesn’t mean you might find minor allergic reactions, just like you might to grass or dairy or any number of things. So while the products are safe there are occasionally hyper-sensitive souls who will be affected by the smell or ingredients. Looking at the reviews though, an awful lot of people who say they are sensitive to cleaners are not affected by this brand.

On the whole Simple Green is a very safe cleaner. Zoos, Vets, Business and Government use the products to clean public and private areas. It is used in food preparation facilities and animal housing and as it is an industrial product it has gone through much more rigorous testing than most cleaners.

All Natural Simple Green

Ordinary Simple Green uses biodegradable, safe and non-toxic ingredients. But, it does not focus on all natural ingredients. They work on the theory that many natural ingredients are toxic or allergens, so they focus on using ingredients which are safe and effective regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic. A pragmatic approach which has allowed them to build up quite a success and a worldwide following over the last thirty years.

For some consumers this lack of ‘all natural’ ingredients means they really aren’t as green as they would like. But, for others the ‘all natural’ tag is just an addition not the core consideration when choosing a green cleaner.

However, this has now changed. Sunshine Makers have responded to some consumer’s desire for All Natural Cleaning Products with Simple Green Naturals. The range has some pretty good green credentials.

All the ingredients are of natural origin including plant derived essential oils for fragrance and cleaning agents. Here’s what the company have to say on the matter:

Simple Green Naturals are 100% naturally derived, with ingredients originating from nature: chicory, coconut, corn, palm, naturally occurring minerals, salt and sugar, and water. Nothing else.

Happily, customer reviews seem pretty good. Simple Green don’t seem to have lost their cleaning power with the new range of natural products either. They have taken the green tag one step further with partially recycled packing and soy inks for labelling too. Also, the company offer complete ingredient disclosure on this range of products so you can really be sure of what you’re getting.

Simple Green Review

Sunshine Makers give consumers a really good choice. All their cleaning products are greener than conventional alternatives as they are all non-toxic and biodegradable. The fact that they have different ranges, industrial, ordinary and all natural mean they offer the consumer exactly the degree of green they are looking for. Of course for some this is a turn-off as it means your money spent on all natural products is profiting a company which also uses synthetic detergents in others. But with all their products being safe, non-toxic and biodegradable using Simple Green is a vast improvement on conventional brands.

It doesn’t hurt that the company itself is so keen to invest in the future too. Money is invested into educational programmes to ensure the next generation look after the planet. Their products are also used to help in environmental clean up operations as they are so safe for wildlife too.

For consumers wanting something powerful and less polluting their ordinary range is ideal. For those demanding something more natural and milder the new All Natural range is a great choice to make Cleaning Eco Friendly. Check out the full range of simple green at Amazon.

These Simple Green cleaner customer reviews show how useful the range really is.

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