Welcome to the Eco Green Cleaning Products site.  Here we have a look at all the ways to make Cleaning Eco Friendly.  Whether that means making your own homemade Green Cleaners, switching to one of the Eco Cleaning Product ranges or simply reducing the amount of detergents and even water you use to clean your home.

From Safe Laundry Detergent to Simple Green Cleaners, including Green Cleaning Gadgets such as Dry Steam Vapor Cleaners to get rid of bed bugs and whether you really can have it all with a Green Antibacterial Cleaner.  The Eco Green Cleaning Products site really does cover all the Eco Friendly Cleaning Basics.  So roll your sleeves up, get the mop and bucket ready and lets make all our Spring Cleaning as Environmentally Friendly as possible.

I am frustrated by seeing people switch their hand dish washing detergent to a safe detergent but leaving everything else alone.  I want to promote more thought into Eco cleaners rather than blind acceptance that if the bottle is green it is a safe cleaner.  While I hope more people will make all their cleaning Eco friendly, I think it is more important that people educate themselves and switch their most toxic and polluting cleaning products to Eco cleaners first. We can worry about the washing up later!

I hope this site helps people find out why we should switch to Eco cleaning products.  But, most of all I want people to make an informed choice, and not just accept the most famous Eco cleaners as the best choice.

I want to encourage people to think about what aspects of their cleaning are most important ecologically speaking.  Where the changes to Eco cleaners are imperative and where, quite frankly we can afford to be a little more lax.  Not all conventional cleaning products are bad, equally not all green cleaning products are good.

We must take responsibility for making our Cleaning Eco friendly, chore by chore!

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