Eco Friendly Cleaning

Making Cleaning Eco Friendly should be something we all strive for. There are so many new Green Cleaners to choose from that reducing the number of chemicals we use in the home is far from difficult. Exposure to toxic products is a real threat to the health of our homes and families and should be something to be avoided at all costs.

Simple Green Cleaning

Rushing out to buy a whole new range of cleaning products is not usually necessary though. Reducing what you already use is a good step towards greener cleaning. Simple things like using a little less laundry detergent can make a big difference to the pollutants caused by your household and it will certainly improve your budget over the longer term. Get used to using a little less of whatever you use and you will be surprised at how much you can save. Remember the manufacturers want you to keep buying more products, so it makes sense they would recommend that you use a lot, in fact far too much in many cases.

Greener Cleaning with Less Waste

Another key point is to consider your water usage too. Okay, water is not a pollutant, but its use does lead to pollutants and indeed to waste on all levels. That water streaming from your tap reaches you via chemical processing, electrical pumps, filters and so on. Use a little less to rinse your dishes and you are helping reduce all these negative points.

When you use a little less soap or detergent it means you can easily also use less water as you have less scum that needs rinsing. Its so obvious its one of those things many of us are guilty of neglecting.

Green Microfiber Cloths

I know one of the key green cleaning products I keep banging on a bout are microfiber cloths. These are something I came to only in the last few years, and I have to say I am still pretty evangelical about them. A wash cloth that lasts years and can be put in the washing machine is definitely a winner. Add to that the fact they clean an awful lot, perfectly well with only a touch of water and no products at all make them pretty near perfect for frugal green cleaning advocates like myself.

Green Clean Habits

Eco Friendly Cleaning has to be a full spectrum approach to housework. Using vast quantities of inefficient cleaning products no matter how environmentally friendly they are may be more polluting than using a little of something more conventional, followed by using less water.

Being less wasteful needs thought too. It is all too easy to get into the habit of always reaching for the same manufactured products when confronted with a spill or stain. But using some ingenuity and elbow grease can often get the job done in a much greener way. Simply rubbing in a little soft or liquid soap and leaving items to soak overnight is often just as effective as a ‘Vanish’ type stain remover. But, importantly that soap is cheaper for you and far less damaging to the environment.

Relearning old habits can take a while, and there is no need to be disappointed when you do automatically reach for the bleach, just try to reduce those times. Every time you do remember to get a little more hands on with the dirt in your home will help. You cannot expect yourself or your family to suddenly ditch old habits and become the Greenest of the Green Brigade. Small steps are the ones that work because they last, they will become the habits of your future.

Aim to for Eco Friendly Cleaning by using Simple Green Cleaning Products.